Varsity Boys' Basketball
JV Boys' Basketball

Varsity Basketball Schedule

Note: for JV and Middle School schedules, please refer to the main athletics calendar.

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11/4HPU JV'sChildress Center6:00 pm
11/8Phemon Scrimmage DayAway9:00 amTimes Tentative8:00 AM@ Proelific Park
11/14Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center1:30 pmTimes Tentative
11/14Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center3:00 pm
11/14Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center4:30 pm
11/14Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center6:00 pm
11/14Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center7:30 pm
11/14Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center9:00 pm
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center3:00 pm
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center10:30 amTimes Tentative
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center9:00 pm
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center7:30 pm
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center4:30 pm
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center1:30 pm
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center12:00 pm
11/15Phenom Hoops EventChildress Center6:00 pm
11/18Caldwell AcademyChildress Center7:00 pm
11/21Cannon ClassicAway5:00 pm 2:30 PMvs. Spartanburg Day
11/22Cannon ClassicAway12:00 pmTimes TentativeTBD
11/25Wake Christian AcademyChildress Center8:00 pm
11/26Roscoe Turner EventAway5:30 pm 4:00 PM@ Parkland
11/28Headliners event @ WheatmoreAway8:30 pm 6:00 PMvs. Trinity
12/2New Garden FriendsChildress Center7:30 pm
12/4Sleepy Thompson TournamentAway4:00 pmTimes TentativeDec 3rdin DC
12/5Sleepy Thompson TournamentAway4:00 pmTimes TentativeNAin DC
12/6Sleepy Thompson TournamentAway4:00 pmTimes TentativeNAin DC
12/9Christ SchoolChildress Center6:30 pm
12/10Davidson Day SchoolChildress Center5:30 pm
12/12Cary AcademyAway7:15 pm 4:00 PM
12/19Providence DayChildress Center6:30 pm
12/20Alpharetta, GAAway1:00 pm 11:00 AM@ N Davidson HS
12/27Frank SpencerAway4:00 pmTimes TentativeTBD
12/29Frank SpencerAway4:00 pmTimes TentativeTBD
12/30Frank SpencerAway4:00 pmTimes TentativeTBD
1/3RavenscroftAway4:15 pm
1/6Charlotte LatinChildress Center7:00 pm
1/9North Raleigh ChristianChildress Center8:00 pm
1/13Wesleyan Christian AcademyAway7:30 pm
1/16Calvary BaptistChildress Center7:45 pm
1/19Boys Basketball Scholastic ClassicAway12:00 pmTimes TentativeMatch-ups TBD
1/23Greensboro DayAway7:00 pm
1/27High Point Christian AcademyAway7:00 pm
1/30Wesleyan Christian AcademyChildress Center7:30 pm
2/3Davidson Day SchoolAway5:30 pm
2/5Calvary BaptistAway7:00 pm
2/10Greensboro DayChildress Center7:00 pm
2/13High Point Christian AcademyChildress Center7:00 pm
2/17NCISAA Opening roundAway5:00 pmTimes Tentative
2/19NCISAA QuarterfinalsAway5:00 pmTimes Tentative
2/20NCISAA SemifinalsAway5:00 pmTimes Tentative
2/21NCISAA FinalsAway5:00 pmTimes Tentative